9 BEST Ways to MAKE MONEY While Traveling

How can I make money abroad or what can I do for work/money while I'm travelling? In this video, we're going to cover some of the most realistic ways we have found to earn money abroad. Towards the end of this video, we're going to tell you the best way, the way we would personally earn a living in Mexico if we were to start our travels today . So a couple of important notes before we dive in

number one, play into your strengths and like hone in on exactly what you like doing even if it's something that you don't think could be a job or could make you money.

Number two; think about the lifestyle that you would want and what type of dynamic would be the best for your unique situation, whether that's traveling or you actually want to move somewhere. For instance, it might sound cool to be an Instagrammer and have brand deals and have thousands of followers but only a small percentage of Instagrammers actually make it and that might not be the lifestyle that ultimately makes you happy. So, be aware of that, be honest with yourself.

Tip number three before we get into the actual remote jobs, with your current career you might be able to work remotely, you might just have to ask your boss. Really the path of least resistance might be to keep the job you already have.

Tip number four; this would be when people are thinking "what can I do while traveling, what can I do remotely?" They generally want to go straight to remote job sites like remote.co and look for the like a personal assistant, social media manager, product manager and various other remote jobs like that... and you did this.

Number 5 is exactly what we're doing, starting a YouTube channel. Also in the same category we would put podcasts, blog, being an Instagrammer. If you're doing one of these things, there's a bunch of ways you can make money like through Patreon or affiliate sales and there's others. If you're thinking about it though, we made a video of... kind of the Dark Side of Being a Youtuber, so we're going to link to that right here. Truth be told, this is one of those things that you have to put in a ton of effort, a ton of hours, unpaid hours and you're going to have to be super self-motivated, hone on your niche, channel your creative juices, and like really put a lot of legwork in, in order for you to get paid at all.

Number six is going to be to sell photos or videos online. So, if you have any type of videography or photography skills at all, there are tons of websites where you can sell any footage or any photos that you take while traveling, while living abroad. Yeah like Shutterstock for photography or Videoblocks for video.

Number seven; captioning or subtitling videos. Video creators like us are going to want captions on their videos and we'll pay people to do the work for us.This is also true for podcasts and any other type of video on tons of other platforms. There's websites you can go to like Rev, rev.com, you can sign up as a freelance captioner. On websites like this you're going to make significantly more money if you're multilingual and can not only caption in the language of the video but subtitle in another language, you might get paid three four to five times as much as just captioning. So, requirements for this, have ears and fingers and you are good to go. And an internet connection. And an internet connection and also a computer, there's a few things,

Number eight; teaching someone a skill. This is a little different than Fiverr or Upwork like we mentioned earlier. There is this website called takelessons.com, so if you know how to play guitar, play the piano, if you're really good at math and can teach someone how to play the piano or how to play guitar or how to do algebra, well then, you can post your skill on this website and get paid to do that.

Number nine... teaching English online. Don't click out just yet, we had our doubts too. Honestly, whenever people said this, my brain just sort of shut off because everyone says this, "oh, you can teach English online" but for me I'm like "well, I've never actually heard of anyone doing this, so it can't be that great" but it's kind of that great. Yeah this is an awesome option and we're super excited to show you guys what exactly this is all about. So, first we're gonna tell you some of the benefits and then we're gonna tell you some of the cons so you can make an educated decision about whether this would be a good option for you and just an FYI, all of these things are regarding VIPKID because that is the company that we've heard the best, most glowing reviews about.